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Welcome students and family!
Thank you for taking the time to become acquainted with using this site. A crucial component of students' success is to work together in making sure they remain focused and complete all required assignments. Through this site, I'll keep you informed of upcoming assignments and tests. Please feel free to email me, and I'll try my best to respond as soon as possible.
Let's continue to work together ensuring your child's academic experience is a positive one.
Mrs. Perez


Welcome Back Class of 2017!
A few reminders:
1. Spring semester Common Assessment #3 dates- February 21- 24. Please do not be absent.
2. Continue to bring your spiral notebook and writing tools on a daily basis.
3. Complete all assignments by the due date.

Friendly Reminders

Good evening students and family,
I hope this email finds you well. Just a few reminders before you begin your Thanksgiving feast:
1. Please complete and review your study guide for Common Assessment #2. This was started in class and should now be completed at home. Upon returning from your Thanksgiving break, you will begin your English test: CA#2.
2. Also, please do not be absent Nov. 28-30th, since you will need all three days to complete this final semester test. This test weighs heavily on your fall semester grade.
3. Don't forget your field trip permission slip. It needs to be signed and returned.
Lastly, enjoy your time with family and friends.
Mrs. Perez

Common Assessment

Our last Common Assessment for the Fall Semester 2016 is November 28th-30th. Do not be absent during testing week. Reading and writing skills discussed throughout Unit 2 will be assessed.

Common Assessment

First Common Assessment for Unit 1 begins October 4th. Do not be absent during testing week as this test is worth 60% of your overall English grade.
Complete the study guide and review it. If you'd like Extra Credit (20 points), create index cards/flash cards for each term and question of the study guide.
Enjoy your 3-day weekend.

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